Kayam Farm Summer Community Kollel

Join us for a transformative and life changing summer….come if for a week, a month, a summer!

Community Kollel Sessions & Dates

Contact Lisa Bodziner for more information: lisa@kayamfarm.org

JUNE: Session Aleph- The FourFold Song

May 25th– July 1ST

Learning themes:

1. Perek Shira- The Song of all Creation 2. Judaism and Humanity

3. Clal Israel- The Jewish community 4. Self-Cultivation & Shmirat Haguf

Special Events: Shavuot Celebration, the Chesapeake Watershed Pilgrimage, and EcoDash!

Pricing: 4 weeks: $700.00 2 weeks: $450.00 1 week: $300.00

JULY: Session Beit- Hands-On Melachot

July 2nd-July 28TH, Featuring Yaffa Epstein, Pardes Institute Faculty

Learning themes:

1. Bread making- plowing, planting, threshing, and more

2. Slaughtering, hide-tanning, and safrut- scribal arts

3. Clothes-making- Dying, knotting, and weaving

4. Cob Building, primitive fire building

Special Events: Kayam’s 2nd Annual Jewish Early Childhood Outdoor Education conference

Pricing: 4 weeks: $600.00 2 weeks: $400.00 1 week: $250.00

AUGUST: Session Gimel- Hebrew Permaculture

July 30-Aug 17th, Featuring Yigal Deutscher, Founder of 7Seeds Hebrew Permaculture

Learning themes:

1. Hebrew Calendar

2. Primary Elements & Directions

3. Shabbat, Shmittah, & Yovel

Special Events: Kayam Farm Family Camp & Interfaith Farm Day!

Pricing: 3 weeks: $450.00 2 weeks: $350.00 1 week: $250.00

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