Liability issues around community sustainable agriculture

I am trying to cover all bases as I prepare a proposal for a crowdsourcing/crowdfunding approach to land rehabilitation at a synagogue and community center in Thornhill, Ontario Canada

Have any of you come across any insurance liability issues/objections to the creation of a food growing garden?

Have you seen any liability differences

If the garden is
– on public property (behind a firehouse) or private property (synagogue, church, community land)?
– fenced or unfenced

If someone encounters a health problem due to consumption of the food grown at a community garden (food safety liability)
– food is sold to an individual
– food is sold to a participant in a CSA buying group
– food is donated to an organization, which in turn prepares food, and sells the finished product.
My thanks to you all for any feedback you or your extended networks can provide

Shabbat Shalom

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