Earth Etude for 4 Elul

Enfold me, Earth

By Carol Reiman

Enfold me, earth,
Entwine your thick limbs
With mine;
Lift me up above
Your blushing beauty,
Opening me to your new day.

Show me how to know you
As we whisper in each other's ear–
Willow rustle,
Sizzling spray upon the sand;
How I meant to help,
How I hurt you,
How we can heal
In easy forgiveness,
How I can keep you as
You keep me–whole.

Dance in freedom,
Moving together,
None to crowd out
Both our voices–yours and mine–
Gulls' cry, sudden thunder;
Rushing torrents, oaks riven
Into fresh surfaces
For new growth.

Groom me to your model,
Shaker of change,
Mentor of shores that welcome
Both fresh and salt;
Teach me to leave
My shell behind,
For other use
As home for hermit crab.

Reach for fresh tastes,
Those not yet sampled;
Urge your passion onward,
Twist, turn, recombine.
Yet hold me, earth,
In your warm embrace,
As I seek to reach
The Consciousness
Of Creation
In the New Year.

Carol Reiman's past year has been one of exceptionally active change and adjustment in the Boston Metro area.

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