Launch of New Online Jewish Environmental Source Library!

What does Jewish tradition teach about the environment? What can we learn from Jewish sources about food, consumerism, water and waste? Now you can go straight to the sources to learn – and build your own source sheet to teach others.

On November 13, at the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly, Jewcology announced the launch of a new Jewish Environmental Source Library, available online now at On1Foot is a open source library of Jewish texts on a range of social justice topics, where you can browse texts and source sheets, offer comments and discuss ideas, and build your own source sheet. Now, with Jewcology’s partnership, On1Foot features an environmental source library with over 400 Jewish texts and a wide range of source sheets for you to explore.

These materials were developed and shared via On1Foot over the last year, based on the Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment. Jewcology uploaded over 200 sources in order to create a robust library for Jewish environmentalists to use. These sources are now available to social justice activists, Jewish environmentalists, and the entire Jewish community via On1Foot.

You can add your own sources and source sheets too! Simply register and enter your favorite sources. If you need any assistance in doing this, please contact Sarah Mulhern at

We’d like to express many thanks to everyone who has been involved in this project over the last several years, including, most importantly, Sarah Osborne, the Jewcology Program Manager who spearheaded this project and the entire Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment until July 2012. Thank you, Sarah! Additional gratitude is due to Ariana Berlin, David Dabrow, and Shoshana Novick, recent interns who uploaded sources for us. We’d also like to thank the ROI Community for their generous support of this project.

Check it out today at!

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