FeastForward.org Releases a New Video with Sandor Katz

FeastFoward.org, an online web based video series powered by Jewish Farm School, released a new video today featuring fermentation revivalist Sandor Katz. Sandor shares his recipe for perfect sauerkraut, the favorite sustainable Jewish food used to preserve the winter vegetable harvest.

Fermentation is more than just a preservation technique. It is a dance with micro-organisms that enables us to eat delicious, healthy, locally grown foods throughout the entire year. It is a practice that has been going on for millennia and is a crucial component of a sustainable food system.

Sandor also shares some bigger picture thoughts about the importance of fermentation. "The practice of fermentation involves collaboration with invisible forces. When you stir your mead or sourdough over several days to incorporate wild yeasts into it, it is largely an act of faith. …. Tuning in to the importance of microbial life and learning to work with it increases reverence for life in general, invisible forces in our lives, and the dynamics of transformation."

Visit FeastForward.org to watch the video and checkout resources on what Jewish tradition says about food and fermentation.

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