Auspicious Adar

Mi She Nichnas Adar, Marbim B’simcha!

Whoever Ushers in (the month of) Adar, (Their) Joy Shall Increase!

In just a week and a half we look forward to the jubilant holiday of Purim. Megilah, costumes, groggers, skits/shpiels, Purim baskets/mishloach manot – Jewish kids and adults alike look forward to letting loose and having fun on this day.

And what a timely place for Adar in our secular calendar: engulfed in the short, cold days of the winter months, Adar arrives and beckons us to bring the light of remembrance for the miracles that occurred for our ancestors, and especially, the merit in which the miracles were deserved.

Perhaps the reason why we are told to be joyous in welcoming this month of Adar is because with it brings the holiday and miracles of Purim, marking the beginning of the season of hope and deliverance, which continues until Passover when we celebrate our redemption from slavery. Perhaps we can use this happy month of Adar and this holiday of Purim as a time for each of us to seek out our own redemption and deliverance. Perhaps it is an auspicious time to start something new – or to distance ourselves from some of the negative influences around us. May we all merit discovering increased joy and happiness in this – and every – month!

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