Netiya nearing 2nd place: Please VOTE to help us win $100K

Could you take a minute please to VOTE here to help Netiya win $100K to rethink ma'aser on a city-wide level in LA!

We are nearing second place out of 279 submissions.

We've partnered with Seeds of Hope, 200 churches and schools of the LA Diocese, and designed a project to inspire our combined 235+ faith-based institutions to tithe 10% of their unused or ornamental land for the purpose of growing food. You don't have to be from LA to vote…and it just takes a minute. Here is the direct link and info below about our Project 10:

This is an extremely competitive grant process, and YOUR vote could make all the difference in our chances of winning the grant. Could you please spread the good word to TEN of your friends, families, congregants, students, and colleagues?! Here is the direct link to the voting:

Deadline for voting is 12noon on Wednesday, April 17. Through our project, by 2050, we propose to:

* Create 50 acres of new urban green space in LA County.
* Improve community health, particularly among the “food insecure” by adding more than 23 million servings of fresh fruit and nuts to local food pantries.
* Remove 4,500 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.
* Reduce storm water run-off by 185 million gallons.
* Conserve 2.3 billion gallons of water by converting turf and ornamentals to trees.
* Improve local water quality by capturing and slowing water at our institutions so it percolates into underground aquifers.
* Improve the quality of life in our communities by increasing food access in and around our geographically diverse congregations.
* Help reduce medical costs associated with obesity, diabetes and smog-related diseases.

Did you vote yet?! Let us know

Thank YOU! Devorah Brous

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