Practical tikkun olam (“how to have your cake and eat it”)

Please permit me a couple of minutes of your time on an important topic.

(My name is Leon Pein. I produce certified Organic, Free Range Kosher meat and poultry in the UK).

Organic Kosher food – why does it matter and why should you bother about it?

Well, every time you eat Organic Kosher (OK) food, you

  • improve your health *

  • avoid cruelty to animals **

  • and help protect our world for the future ***

Plus the food tastes fabulous!

Organic Kosher (OK) chicken, lamb and beef is not easily, or regularly, available in England.

As the kosher buying cycle is, principally, going out every Wed-Fri to buy fresh meat/poultry for Shabbat, my plan is to enable weekly production: please could you support me?

I am launching a public appeal for c.£5k (c. $7500) of funding here

What’s in it for you?

If in Europe, you will receive 10% of your funding as free OK food, plus your funds back (expected within 2 years).

This stage is designed to achieve numbers 1 – 6 of my (long term) 25 point plan, which you can view here :

In good health,

Leon Pein

* 25,000 people died in Europe in 2011, from antibiotic resistance (… [this] should be treated as seriously as .. terrorism” : England's chief medical officer []).

One of the pathways for antibiotic resistance is that factory-farmed animals are given antibiotics daily, because conditions are so crowded (tens of thousands of birds per shed) that an outbreak of disease could wipe out entire flocks).

** When buying OK food, you help reduce cruelty. Factory-farms are so crowded (please see above) that chickens have their beaks scalded off, or they will peck each other to death.

*** Factory – farming creates widespread pollution; Organic farming is “low-carbon, low-input” farming

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