Shabbat Behar: Bringing Shmita To Your Community

The parsha (weekly Torah reading) of Behar, which literally means ‘On The Mountain,’ introduces the detailed, visionary teachings of Shmita. This particular section of the Torah is located towards the end of the book of Vayikra (Leviticus) and is read each year about a week or two before Shavuot. As we continue to deepen into the process of re-acquainting ourselves with the Shmita tradition, we are very excited to use the opportunity of Parshat Behar as an annual mark, as a reminder, and as a guide.

In partnership with Hazon & the Green Hevra, you are invited to join Jewish communities all over the country in a decentralized, local, grassroots movement to celebrate the visionary teachings of the Sabbatical Year and bring its core values to life. The parsha (weekly Torah reading) of Behar, which literally means ‘On The Mountain,’ and is coming up next Shabbat, May 3-4, introduces ‘Shmita’, a biblical period of debt release, agricultural rest, and societal sharing. What might the Shmita year look like in our modern era? How might the values of the Shmita Cycle hold the key to approaching the economic, environmental, and societal challenges we are facing today? How will you celebrate this moment in time?

For more info, see our Behar page by clicking here.

And for study resources, essays, and curriculum for Shmita, see our library by clicking here.

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