Launch of Food Waste Action #4

Just before Tu b'Shevat, we launched our Year of Jewish Action on the Environment. Our goal is to empower the Jewish community to take action on energy conservation and reduce food waste this year. The program will continue through Tu B'Shvat 2014.

Continuing with the Year of Action, we're now pleased to share the fourth action to reduce food waste! You can also see this action in the full list here.

Food Waste Action #4: Put on My Plate ONLY What I will Eat.

Eyes bigger than your stomach? Once that food is on your plate, it’s either going in your mouth or in the trash. Prevent food waste with these tips:

1. Find out what is available first.

2. Start with small samples, especially if there are choices you've never tried before.

3. Take less than you think you're going to eat. You can always go back to get more.

4. Teach your children to try a small portion first. Encourage them to finish what they have before taking more food.

(Credit: Sarah Rebecca Bedder)

Online Tool: Here’s an interesting campus activity to try.

Report your action as part of the Year of Action! Your savings will be added to the combined total savings for our community this year. Note: You must be logged into Jewcology to report your actions.

The Year of Action is a project of Jewcology, in partnership with Canfei Nesharim and in coordination with the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL), along with many other Jewish environmental organizations and initiatives, and with the support of the ROI Community.

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