Volunteering on the Farm

Eden Village farm is more than just the full-time staff and our apprentices- it is also made up of AMAZING volunteers who come for one week to live, eat, and work with us on the farm! Check out the following post from Bruria Halevy, one of our volunteers in the summer of 2013:

Working on a farm would be wonderful! I always wanted to work with the fresh ground. To smell dirt, put my hands in the dirt and find mud on my face after a hard day of work. That’s when I found out about the farm at Eden Village. And there I was; weeding, harvesting fresh vegetables and planting seeds into their beds. All this…. In the hot sun, and when it rained, in the chilly rain.

I wasn’t too comfortable, I have to say. And I thought I wasn’t a city girl! I wasn’t one of those girls who thought of dirt as dirty but working on the farm was hard.

On the fourth day of work on the farm, my pretty painted nail chipped and that’s not all, I started to get the feeling of what it’s really like to work on a farm. Being with my farmer friends all day, I got to see what real farmers are like. When you work on the farm you become one with it. Those farmers work hard in the steamy sun or the cold rain. You shower when the day is done.

I learned a lot from the farmers. Ben taught me to talk sweetly to a little plant as you place it into its bed, so that it would grow beautiful, happy and strong. Daniella told me to be patient, that I can’t judge the farm after just three days. And seeing Casey appreciate the little things on the farm helped me appreciate little things too. A carrot that grows inside the ground, who would think of a bright orange color!

-Bruria Halevy, August 2013

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