Announcing the Year of Jewish Policy Engagement on the Environment

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Jewcology is partnering with the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life in 2014 for a Year of Jewish Policy Engagement on the Environment. This coming year, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Get to know your elected representatives
  • Engage your community to advocate for meaningful environmental change
  • Learn about key opportunities to make a difference
  • Act at the critical moment

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Why are COEJL and Canfei Nesharim partnering in the Year of Engagement?

COEJL brings advocacy experience, skills and connections empowering Jewish individuals and organizations to take meaningful political action on energy and the environment. Canfei Nesharim brings experience with community organizing and a broad base of Jewish environmental activists across the Jewish and political spectrum.

Together, we will organize Jewish campaigns throughout the year to help you learn about opportunities to make a difference on key environmental issues at the national and state level, to get to know your elected representatives, and to engage your community.

At the end of this Year of Engagement, participating individuals, communities and organizations will have:

  • A stronger understanding of the legislative and regulatory processes
  • Relationships with their elected officials and community leaders
  • Engaged in environmental action campaigns with a meaningful impact
  • Learned to use tools and learning materials to help their communities understand the Jewish values that teach us to protect the environment.

How can Jewish environmental advocacy make a difference?

Jews have a long history of championing support for Israel and social justice causes, including successful mobilizations on civil rights, Russian Jewry, Darfur, and other issues. For the last twenty years, the Jewish community has been learning and changing our behaviors to protect our environment. To address one of today’s most important global challenges, it is now time for the Jewish community to unite in support of sustainable policies that reflect our Jewish interests and values, to make a meaningful impact at the state and national levels and beyond.

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