Synagogue Solar Project Makes History

In Oakland, CA, the Kehilla Community Synagogue has partnered with a nonprofit, RE-volv, to finance their 22kW solar energy project. What's great about this model is that the financing comes from crowdfunding. People like you and me can contribute a few dollars and help Kehilla go solar. In addition, Kehilla's lease payments to RE-volv are continually reinvested in more community-based solar energy projects, creating a first of its kind revolving solar energy fund for nonprofits in the U.S.

The crowdfunding campaign comes to a close this Thursday. Thankfully, due to the large support from Kehilla members, and from people around the world (18 states, 6 countries), we're over 70% of the way towards our goal!

The solar campaign was written up in the j.weekly (The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California) last week!

Plus, if we meet the goal, the solar campaign will be among the Indiegogo top 5 highest-funded environment campaigns of all time!

We invite you all to help us with this final push. Please contribute what you can, and share the campaign with your friends and family.

Campaign page:

Join us in supporting clean energy in the Jewish community and improving the climate for our children.

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