Behar: Bring Shmita Learning & Action To Your Own Community

The Torah reading for this upcoming Shabbat (May 9-10) will be Parshat Behar, the portion of the Torah that offers us the visionary teachings of the Shmita/Yovel cycle. This year's Shabbat Behar falls on the sixth year of the Shmita cycle.

From this Shabbat onwards, we will be just over 4 months away from welcoming the Shmita year, which begins on Rosh Hashana (Sept 24, 2014). Have you thought about how you might welcome the Shmita year into your own community?

In honor of Shabbat Behar and the Sefirat Ha’Omer, anytime between now and Shavuot would be a wonderful time to bring Shmita education and experiential offerings to your local synagogue, school, community center, community garden, etc. You are invited to join communities across the country as we collectively create a mosaic of action of learning, bringing to life the core values of the Shmita tradition.

Please learn more about the national Behar campaign, check out events that have been scheduled around the country, and register your own event.

It would be wonderful to have your participation!

If you would like to host an event, we’d be happy to offer support, as well as help spread the word about your event.

  • Here are some educational resources and tools you might use to bring Shmita learning to your own community.
  • Here are some program and activity ideas you might use to bring Shmita awareness and action into your community during this period of time.
  • Also, this year’s Shabbat Behar also happens to fall on World Fair Trade Day, and Fair Trade Judaica is linking Behar with the important efforts of bringing fair trade education, awareness, and products into our communities. Learn about Fair Trade & Shabbat Behar, and see how this all connects with Shmita.

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