Day 31: Netzach b’Hod

Netzach of Hod

by Judith E. Felsen

It is not any power over that I seek

but strength of my surrender To Your will

and trust in all Your ways.

In that it matters not if I am as a subtle breeze

or mighty roar of gale force might, as both Your winds of power

and Your gentler breaths do speak of You.

I can only yearn that practice of Your Torah/mitzvot

with devekut, ahavah, all longing of my deepest prayers

assists in clearing channels that prepare me daily

as an empty vessel through which

Your winds of heaven flow.


Am I today victorious over the winds of emotion, desire and will which I experience as ruling me?

Am I today triumphant over inner barriers, defenses and rationalizations which may lead me to misdirect my actions as unbridled winds may cause unwanted effects?


May I today allow myself to feel the power of the truth of Torah as the wind upon my back empowering my action.

May I today recognize, acknowledge and embrace the experience of such a wind empowering me now and always?

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