Day 33: Hod b’Hod

Hod of Hod

by Judith E. Felsen

Would that I be one with wind as self unseen,

to live on earth with no resistance to Your will.

My seamlessness would then leave only joy

as winds of service flowed through able willing limbs

devoted daily to Your love, each day inspired by divine decree.

As one with Torah, I am not the self to which I cleave,

instead perhaps as wind, I am an unseen element of Elohim.

Instead, perhaps as wind, I pass through moments here,

an element of nature, grateful servant of Your laws,

an elemental joyous current of Your love.


Perhaps today I may allow no resistance in my connection with divine will.

Perhaps today I will yield to Your greater will.

Perahaps today I will be less and You will be all.


Might I today perform a mitzvah, chant a prayer, study Torah with all my mind, heart and will?

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