Hod b’Netzach


Enduring Glory

We go about our earthly business,

Concern ourselves with right and wrong;

We love our neighbors as best we can

And do our best to walk with G-d.

Then every once in a while

On a dark night

We may chance to look up, and


The magnificent glory of the heavens

Is revealed to us

As a dome so enormous as to encompass all humanity

A rich brew of sparkling points draws us in;

In every direction, lights, patterns, depth.

We are so small, sitting as we do on an arm of the Milky Way,

We are so large, comprehending somehow our place in the universe

We are so blessed, that an ordinary night in an ordinary life

Presents to us this vision of glory.

And for our birthright gift:

It is and will be there always

And nothing is required of us

But just to look up

by Lois Rosenthal

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