Netzach b’Netzach



Be the sun, shine

Exude heat

Warm those nearby

Draw people to your hearth

Offer safety and offer life

Emit light

So others may find knowledge

Understand each other

Comprehend the world

And not be afraid

Disperse colors

Thrilling yellow, cold piercing violet

Ignitable red

And green, of course, the green of growth

How could we be glad without colors?

Embody netzach

Moment by moment, day after day, eon by eon

Produce heat, light, and color

From source without end

And when your warmth is shut out

Knowledge rejected

Your colors painted over in black

Continue in netzach

Then you will live in the image of G-d,

Who shines His face upon us and gives us peace

by Lois Rosenthal

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