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Earth Etude for Elul 3 – Let it Rest

Earth Etude for Elul 3 – Let It Rest

by Carol Reiman

Let it rest–
the land that we have worked so hard, the grassy fare for geese now taken by the high tech labs, the water diverted far away to leave the old spot bare, the day diminished by our dense cramming, electronics robbing our eyes of moisture…
Let it rest–
the fish sleep still near the bottom, the standing horse relaxes muscles, the cat stretches and curls…
Let it rest–
the yawn exchanges stale air for fresh, cells grow, the blood flows with its passengers for new destinations, brain pathways renew…
Let it rest–

allow the deep within to reflect that beyond; hear and see, smell, touch, and taste; be in the moment; live…

Let it rest–
the quiet company of presence and reconnection, time for parts to settle, ideas to form, words to fall into place…
Let it rest–
let go the grudge; allow resentment, fear, discomfort to dissolve; accept us all as parts of the Community…
The seventh day, the seventh year, the jubilee–
see what is good, respect Creation, acknowledge the work that has been done, share fairly, come together for next steps…
Carol C. Reiman works as library support staff in Dorchester. She finds support with Somerville and Wayland congregations and with her cat.
Rabbi Katy Z. Allen is the founder and leader of Ma'yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of Hope, a congregation without walls that meets outdoors all year long. She is the co-convener and President pro-tem of the Boston-area Jewish Climate Action Network, and the founder of the One Earth Collaborative, a program of Open Spirit in Framingham, MA.
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  • Jewish Environmental Initiative, a committee of the JCRC of Saint Louis
    August 28, 2014 (7:49 pm)

    Very nice piece relevant to Smitta year. Thanks for sharing.

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