Lighting a (Renewably-Fueled) Fire in my Stomach


The biggest thing I have ever learned as an adult is to take personal responsibility; to do what I can, and to do it the best I can. When I hear about large scale fracking and the incredible harm it causes, and the enormous harm caused by industrial agriculture, I ask myself: what can I do to make change? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but I am motivated to take action through advocacy, action, and education.

I have to admit, I find the whole concept of changing the government’s fracking and fossil fuel policies daunting. I find just as daunting the idea of getting money-guzzling large corporations to use clean energy. One thing I know I can do is to take action, and get on the bus July 24, 2016 to join Jews March for a Clean Energy Revolution. I am committing to stand against large corporations who put money first and people and the planet second.

I find the people who are really leading these fights, like fellow Romemu congregant Rachel Makleff, very inspiring.

At Romemu, we’re growing our environmental sustainability work.  I helped organize a Green Kiddush where we provided vegan food for over 100 people, which received glowing reviews and motivated many people to make changes in their own lives. From here, more work is planned to bring out policy changes to raise Romemu’s values around how their food related events can be more environmentally healthy.  This is just a start, but it shows what we, as individuals, can do.

What really lights a fire in my stomach is helping people know about small personal changes they can make in their lives which have a huge impact on the health of our planet. Each day, a person who eats a vegan diet saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent, and one animal’s life. Taking into consideration that 1lb of beef requires upwards of 2500 gallons of water to produce, compared to only 25 gallons for 1lb of wheat, the water footprint of a person consuming a high meat diet could be 100 times greater than that of a person consuming only plant foods.

I am getting on the bus and marching for this reason. I am getting on the bus because signs point to many of the environmental protection agencies whose job it is to fight the animal agriculture industry are not doing that because they themselves are receiving money from the meat and dairy industry. I am getting on the bus because it is my responsibility to do everything I can. I am marching for the children of my close friends, for my nephews Jack, Jordan and Billy, and for the children I hope to have.

Join me, and other Jewish climate activists, to March for a Clean Energy Revolution on July 24, 2016. Sign up for the bus today.


Danny Kerry is a Plant based/Vegan Coach certified in Plant based nutrition at Cornell and a Food for Life Trainer in training through PCRM. Contact him at

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