Effectiveness of Jewish Environmental Education?

I am looking for research on the effectiveness (effects along any dimension) of Jewish environmental education and not finding very much material. There is a lot written about what Judaism teaches about our relationship and responsibility to nature and all life, lots of curricula, but I’ve seen almost no research of what effect/impact the education that we’re doing is having. Could someone point me in the right direction? The only two pieces I’ve found so far is Hazon’s recent but very general analysis of JOFEE and an older article by Dr. Gabe Goldman in a CAJE Journal.

I’m doing a research project for Rabbinic School at Hebrew College, looking at Jewish curricula on the Environment (and specifically on Climate Justice – though I’ve found very little that focuses on that). I would love any suggestions of curricula.

Even more so, I’ve found very little written on what makes Jewish Environmental curricula effective. I would really appreciate any suggestions of where to look.

Thanks in advance!

Moshe Givental


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