Gateway of Trees: Tu Bishvat Resources on Wellsprings of Wisdom

If you are looking for fresh material about Trees and Tu Bishvat, I invite you to explore the Gateway of Trees on Wellsprings of Wisdom. Wellsprings of Wisdom is a Tree on the banks of Big Chico Creek, California, Julie Dananvirtual retreat center built around ancient Jewish symbols from nature.

Explore Trees in Jewish sources and your own life, through many modalities including photos, nature sounds and video. Enjoy Torah study, rituals, and a guided mediation. There are stories and blessings about trees as well as resources for celebrating Tu Bishvat, the New Year of Trees. Plus that time I hugged a tree. Learn about the cosmic Tree of Life in Jewish mysticism, and also get ideas about how to plant trees to help planet earth.

[Featured Image: Tree at Big Chico Creek, California, Julie Danan]



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