EcoPeace Middle East new publication; new brief

EcoPeace Middle East, a unique environmental organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israelis, with the primary objective of promoting cooperative efforts to protect the region’s shared environmental heritage, recently published a new report entitled “Decoupling National Water Needs for National Water Supplies:  Insights and Potential for Countries in the Jordan Basin“. This report analyses and compares the water allocation and management experience of Jordan, Palestine and Israel using the lens of economic and resource decoupling to highlight past trends and future potential for jurisdictions in the region to circumvent limits on natural water resources.

Also for distribution is a new brief on Water Security that was presented at a roundtable event on “Water Security – Challenges and Opportunities for Cooperation in the Middle East” as part of the prestigious Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya Conference, in Israel. Our presentations and much of the discussions focused on the need to promote a broader water security understanding between Israelis and Palestinians, and the need to develop a water security dialogue between Israel, her neighbors, and the international community.

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