The Dead Sea Revival Project

Vision– Rehabilitation of the historical water flow to the Dead Sea from the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River.


The Dead Sea Revival Project (DSRP) aims to become a leading NGO for environmental education and activism. We want to stimulate the growth of global support for “saving our water treasures” by exciting the imagination of individuals and groups.


The ‘Dead Sea Revival Project has been recognized by CNN/VR, National Geographic, the Israeli mainstream news media in Hebrew and English, the Israeli Knesset’s “Committee for Saving the Dead Sea”, the Israel Government Press Office, The Dead Sea Research Institute, regional councils around the Dead Sea and summer internship programs for international students.

Read about DSRP Director Noam Bedein:



World-class eco-tourism

“Israel’s Water Treasures” Path
DSRP develops a variety of educational offerings based on exploration by foot, boat, kayak, or jeep in all or parts of the ecological system starting at the Sea of Galilee and ending at the Dead Sea.



“Illusory Beauty: The Dead Sea – Warning Signs”
DSRP offers muti-media presentations to educational and cultural institutions, and to tour operators, in Israel and around the world. Presentations can include photo exhibitions, short videos, and virtual reality demonstrations.


360* Documentary

“The Quest to Heal Our Water Treasures”
DSRP is producing a film documenting the degradation and disappearance of the waters of the Dead Sea and its sources, using advanced time-lapse technology.

Abstract Art Photography“Mosaic Salt Layer Art”
DSRP is developing the production of abstract photography that nourishes the soul, stimulates positive interest in Israel among cultural and artists elites.

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