Earth Etude for Elul 20: Elul 2020

by Judith Felsen, Ph.D.

Is this You? 

Your eyes behind the mask

search lights beaming, 

bridging gaps of social distance,

gazes merge in glances 

momentary soul connection 

Is this You? 

Body wracked

breath ventilated

clinging to existence

space suited team in rescue

heroism humbly shared  

facing of death

Is this You? 

Twisted pain contorted reason

human armed,

weapons fired in hate

murder of resentment

revenge, retaliation

mind and deed in separated state

Is this You?

Marching, bannered, shouting, chanting,

claiming, presence, voices heard

constructing deconstructing 

challenging our history 

standing firm

creating our tomorrow

Is this You?

Planet ailing, melting, dying,

groaning for a consciousness

ending of abuse

pleading for a chance to live  

supporting life tomorrow

Is this You?

A country split, divided, torn apart

conflict without resolution

language hijacked 

Babel’s fate in modern times

reaction without reconciliation

union shatters, grief presides

Is this You? 

In terror, plague and hate

thirteen qualities 

revealed, requested or expressed 

attributes of You 

hidden or displayed

expression and constriction

creation and destruction

must be You

Is this You? 

Is this Your invitation,

our meeting in the field 

destination in our daily lives 

path to transform pain for good 

converting deeds of hate to acts of mercy 

meeting daily in the  field

bringing Sparks 

seeing You in all 

our journey home 

with You

© J.Felsen, Ph.D. 7/29/20

Judith Felsen, Ph.D. is a N.Y.S. Licensed Clinical Psychologist who resides in Bartlett, N.H. at the edge of the White Mt. National Forest. Judith is a lover of and advocate for nature and all life, a hiker, walker, dancer, meditator, poetess, volunteer, gardener, wife and dog mother of two rescue dogs. She offers consulting upon request and spends time practicing and studying various treatment and healing modalities. She is on the board of the Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation, the Mt. Washington Valley Havurah and Neskaya Center for Movement Arts. Since Covid-19 Judith and Jack, her husband, have lived in Long Beach, New York where she practices, walks the beach, boardwalk and delights in the garden Jack cultivated. Judith participates in virtual services and is active in the Jewish community of both New Hampshire and New York. This year, Judith and her husband were awarded the JFNH Shem Tov Award for work on Holocaust and Genocide Education, related studies and offerings to the public and other organizations and audiences. Judith and Jack are second generation survivors and work to enhance the end of genocide for all.

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