Supporting statements about my latest book, VEGAN REVOLUTION: SAVING OUR WORLD, REVITALIZING JUDAISM

 “I consider it an honor and a mitzvah to commend Professor Richard Schwartz’s work and all his endeavors to bring Jewish teachings on diet, health, the environment, and related issues to public attention, especially to those of us who seek to lead a religiously observant lifestyle, in keeping with the precepts and goals of the Torah. May his efforts merit Divine blessing and success.”—Rabbi David Rosen, Former Chief Rabbi of Ireland; President for Israel of the International Jewish Vegetarian Society

“Few books have ever been more timely or more needed than this one. Humankind stands on the brink of one of the greatest catastrophes in history and, once again, Richard Schwartz has rallied to the cause. Proving himself to be the true tzadik that he is, he addresses issues that will help humanity face a future too ghastly to contemplate if we do not immediately do something to curb the coming cataclysm. And it all starts at a very simple place . . . on our dinner plates!”—Lionel Friedberg, film producer, director, cinematographer, and writer of many documentaries, including A Sacred Duty: Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal the World

“I applaud Richard Schwartz’s valiant efforts to raise the issue of a plant-based diet within the Jewish community. He taps into a millennia-old Jewish tradition supporting compassion toward animals, and does so at a time when all life on Earth depends on wise human action. He thoughtfully examines what type of food consumption fits with the ethics of kosher, which means appropriate. May God bless his holy efforts!”—Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Founder and Executive Director of the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development and of Jewish Eco Seminars

“Once again Richard Schwartz has produced a thought-provoking book. It will be a very positive addition to our libraries. His writing is powerful in applying Jewish teachings to current critical issues. As always, Richard is not afraid to challenge us.”—Rabbi Michael M. Cohen, Director of Development at the Friends of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

“This book is so crucial and urgently necessary! We once again owe deep gratitude to Professor Richard Schwartz for opening our minds and hearts to the essence of Jewish ethics!”—Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, Founder and CEO of Shamayim v’Aretz: Jewish Animal Advocacy, and author or editor of over a dozen books of Judaica, including three on Jewish dietary teachings

“No one has been more creative, committed, and consistent than Richard Schwartz in arguing for a Judaism that can address in all its depth the world crises that all humanity and all the life-forms of our planet face today.”

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, director of The Shalom Center, author of Down-to-Earth Judaism, Seasons of Our Joy, and many other works on Jewish thought and action 

“If you think Judaism consists of occasional visits to a synagogue or Temple where congregants perform rituals and recite prayers without feeling and attend mainly to socialize, then this book is a must read. Schwartz reminds us that the very essence of Judaism is to struggle to find what is right and to have the courage to do right, including speaking out against evil. Worship accompanied by indifference to evil, the prophets warned, is an abomination to God. Schwartz fulfills the best of Judaism by urging us to cry out against immorality, injustice, deceit, cruelty, and violence toward all living beings, rather than condone it with our silence. For, in condoning empty rituals and standing silent in the face of immoral deeds, we make a mockery of Judaism itself.”—Nina Natelson, Director of Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI)

“I commend Dr. Schwartz for his integrity in reminding the Jewish community of its historic mission to serve as a light unto the nations. While most Jewish leaders are content to tell people what they want to hear, Dr. Schwartz, in his new book, speaks out in true prophetic spirit, courageously challenging our people to live up to the highest ideals of our heritage by acting as responsible stewards of our planet, speaking out for the voiceless, taking the side of the oppressed, and practicing kindness towards animals. Dr. Schwartz serves as a lightning rod to stimulate critically needed discussion about what it really means to be Jewish in more than just name alone, and how to live a Jewish life.”—Rabbi Barry Silver, serving Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor in Boynton Beach, Florida, former State Representative, founder of the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition and founder and leader of the Interfaith Justice League

“We are stewards of God’s creation—how do we treat those with whom we share this world? Here is a passionate and compassionate guide to choosing what we eat and why.”—Rabbi David Wolpe, rabbi at Sinai Temple in California and the author of many books on Jewish teachings

“This book by Prof. Richard Schwartz not only offers the reader a comprehensive research into Jewish teachings and their relevance to contemporary science and world affairs. It challenges the reader with an urgent cry out for action. For about forty years Schwartz has been a world authority on the deep linkage between Judaism and vegetarianism. Now he shows that a vegan revolution has been starting—in Israel and worldwide. But is it fast enough to save us from ecological catastrophe? And is the Jewish establishment assuming the role it should play within it? These are questions Schwartz addresses.”—Yossi Wolfson, vegan and animal rights activist in Israel and coordinator of the Israeli Jewish Vegetarian Society in Jerusalem

“A timely, comprehensive, and much-needed contribution to our movement, Richard Schwartz’s latest book presents an utterly compelling case for Jewish veganism, and more widely, for conscious consumption.”—Lara Balsam, Director, UK-based Jewish Vegetarian Society

“Richard Schwartz has been a consistent, clear, compassionate voice for the planet. This book once again illustrates his wisdom, insight, and willingness to speak up. If the Jewish community takes this book to heart and makes the necessary changes, the world can follow. We can co-create a world that respects all life.”—Rae Sikora, co-founder Plant Peace Daily, Institute for Humane Education, and Vegfund

“Reading the first edition of Richard Schwartz’s book Judaism and Vegetarianism changed my life. It made me a vegetarian and an animal rights activist and led me to write and edit several books about these issues. I have worked with Richard now for decades in his tireless efforts to create a more compassionate, just, and environmentally sustainable world. Now, the vegan/vegetarian movement is the most important movement of our time, affecting the environment and our lives, and Richard’s superb new book is an important continuation of his long-time efforts to elucidate this point.”

Roberta Kalechofsky, PhD, author or editor of many books, including Jewish Vegetarianism, Rabbis and Vegetarianism, and Judaism and Animal Rights; Founder and Director of Jews for Animal Rights

“When I consider Judaism and its highest ideals, I realize how consistent it is with veganism: being respectful and compassionate, protecting life and resources, guarding and increasing health, pursuing peace and justice, living 

by one’s values. I have worked with Richard Schwartz for a long time and know him to be extraordinarily sincere, diligent, conscientious, respectful, caring, compassionate, intelligent, and deeply dedicated to Judaism, so much so that he is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. As with his previous books that have illuminated so many lives with their insight and wisdom, I likewise heartily recommend this book. Well-researched, well-written, well-thought-out, and absolutely vital for the continuation of life on our planet. Especially in this era of population explosion, overconsumption, globalization, and our climate crisis, this book needs to be read and shared.”—Dan Brook, PhD, professor of sociology at San Jose State University and a board member of San Francisco Veg Society

“Richard Schwartz’s new book is a clarion call, a shofar blast, to disturb the slumber of indifference and to align Judaism with its noblest values.”

Jeffrey Spitz Cohan, executive director of Jewish Veg, formerly Jewish Vegetarians of North America

“No one has done more than Richard Schwartz to advance the understanding of the relationship between Judaism, the environment, and respect for non-human animals. Like a modern-day prophet, Schwartz sees Jews straying from biblical edicts for Earth stewardship and prods us to embrace divinely ordained and inspired environmental action.”—David Krantz, President and Chairperson at Aytzim: Ecological Judaism 

“This pioneering book by Richard Schwartz, the world’s greatest living authority on the teachings of Judaism on protecting animals and nature, provides nothing short of the revolution in our way of thinking and acting that is now required in efforts to avert a climate catastrophe and other environmental disasters. This compelling, magisterial book is a must read. Its message must be heeded. Our future depends on it.”—Lewis Regenstein, author of “Commandments of Compassion: Jewish Teachings on Protecting the Planet and Its Creatures,” Replenish the Earth, and other writings on Judaism and animals 

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