3rd Jewish Climate Action Conference:

“Everything is Connected”

by Rabbi Katy Z. Allen

The JCAN-MA for the 3rd Jewish Climate Action Conference: Everything is Connected occurred April 25, 2021. Over 550 people attended. The 40 sessions focused on carbon reduction, advocacy, spiritual resilience, soil and agriculture, raised up the voices of youth, and addressed environmental justice. The day-long event was geared toward action solutions and strengthening the national Jewish climate action network. Opportunities are still available for connecting with other climate activists in your geographic region or with similar interests.


  • Learned key actions for decarbonizing your home and synagogue. They heard about the latest in technology and learned what others are doing to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Integrated Jewish values with gardening and soil. They heard about cooperatives, regenerative change, native habits, carbon sequestration, and building a resilient food system
  • Joined in conversations about the climate justice movement. They learned about a collaboration with Jewish climate organization and a BIPOC community development corporation, and they learned about the legacy of redlining. They heard about climate advocacy in Jewish communities and learned how to build an organizing toolbox.
  • Listened to stories from youth advocates fighting against climate change from a Jewish perspective. They learned what one can do to help!
  • Delved into sessions that enhanced their spiritual resilience through meditating, journaling, storytelling, music, mindfulness, and yoga and movement.

You can watch all or part of the conference above!

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