Earth Etude for Elul 11: Morning Prayer

by Judith Felsen

I awaken to a world

uncertain of its future

…Your will…???


I perceive an earth

in conflict and divided

…Divine design…???


I envision a tomorrow

wondering and doubtful

Heavenly plan…???


I imagine next year’s future

knowing it may not arrive

Exalted humbling…???


I experience uncertainty

life’s newness in unknowns

Celestial opening…???


I dissolve myself in guidance

fused in trust

Divine order… ???


I enroll as one

in service building earth anew

Majesty’s request…???


I become a vehicle of reconstruction

grateful in employment by mankind

My truth… … …


Judith Felsen, Ph.D. is a NYS licensed Clinical Psychologist, lover of Torah and Torah study, enthusiast of poetry and literature of the mystics, the natural world, teaching, exploring consciousness, learning, meditation, walking, hiking and most of life’s adventures. She is on the board of BHC, the Mt. Washington Valley Chavurah and Neskaya Movement Arts Center. A resident of Bartlett, N.H. Judith has lived on the edge of the White Mt. National Forest with her husband and two large rescue dogs where she is an active community member. Since covid she has resided in Long Beach, N.Y..  A 2nd generation Holocaust survivor and long Covid survivor. She and her husband love  family, friends, the ocean, boardwalk, the garden, canine connections and deep relationships with the world of nature. Judith writes, offers consulting and gives dvar’s on Torah portions upon request.

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