Earth Etude for Elul 29: Chasing Sunrise

by Sarah Chandler

The rolling fog

Invites me

To stretch my neck

To peek at a new perspective


Not quite bright enough

To squint


My eyes wide across the valley

Trying not to wait

For something else to be


Just when I think

My orientation is eastward

The clouds above the mountain

Tickle the sky

Spreading north across the orange glow

These trees form a frame

Filled with smaller frames

So that each frame of light

Can shine through

On me


It’s the light in front of me

That allows me to re-enter

The darkness behind

Sarah Chandler aka Kohenet Shamirah is a Brooklyn-based Jewish educator, artist, activist, healer, and poet. She teaches, writes and consults on issues related to Judaism, earth-based spiritual practice, respectful workplaces, mindfulness, and farming. An ordained Kohenet with the Hebrew Priestess Institute and Taamod trainer since 2018, she is also is an advanced student of Kabbalistic dream work at The School of Images. Previously, Sarah served as the Director of Romemu Yeshiva, Chief Compassion Officer of Jewish Initiative for Animals, and Director of Earth Based Spiritual Practices at Hazon’s Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center. Currently, she is the CEO of Shamir Collective, as a coach and consultant to high-profile artists and authors to launch new music and books.

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