Jewcology vegan club

I have started a vegan club in Stockholm to promote vegan life style in our Jewish community and to learn about guiding principles in the Bible and Talmud. We are 14 people who meet once a week to prepare dinner together and to learn and discuss Jewcology.

I have built a program of 6 sessions around the book Judaism and vegeterianism by Richard Schwartz, Jewish traditions and holidays together with matching menus and recepies. For each session the members get a folder containing texts about Jewcology –  excerpts from the book and other texts I have found suitable for the occasion. In addition there are is the menu and the recepies.

Altogether 20 people have participated in the work shops from January till May. The work shops are held in our community center in Stockholm, called Bajit and in collaboration with the institute of Paidea.

We have a FB group called Jewcology veganklubb.

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