The Wynbrandt Farm and Wynbrandt Biodynamic Compost


The MISSION OF STEVEN WYNBRANDT and WYNBRANDT FARMS is to *provide the most discerning gardeners and farmers with the most fertile compost available, and *to educate, inspire and arm our local Los Angeles (and global) community to grow unprecedented quantities of the highest quality foods with unparalleled results.

Wynbrandt Farms Biodynamic Compost:
*Is THE ONLY COMPOST available to the public made with ORGANIC ALFALFA and ORGANIC DAIRY COW MANURE (manure from organically raised dairy cows). When optimally composted, this soil regeneration recipe produces unparalleled results and is also ideal to grow in directly as SOIL.
*Is an art and science unbeknown to most agricultural circles. This rare wisdom has been past down by a lineage of master Biodynamic compost makers that traces back directly to Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamic agriculture.

WF is celebrated by many of L.A.’s most esteemed garden professionals and connoisseurs as “the highest expectation of health, vibrance and intensity.” Since its direct sales release in the summer of 2012, Wynbrandt Farms Biodynamic Compost has sold solely by word of mouth and has eared the reputation as the finest (most biologically and metaphysically alive) compost available in L.A. and far beyond. WFBDC is hand-made by Steven in L.A. by the ton and is available to gardeners and farmers throughout the L.A. area.

The QUALITY and QUANTITY of food grown at WF is attributed to:
1. The extraordinary vitality – the fertility – (the HUMUS CONTENT) of our compost. Most simply said, it has the spectrum of life, minerals and forces to support the growth of exponential amounts of food (no less than 20X the amount as enthusiasts and pros alike are used to seeing) with unparalleled results.
2. Little-known advanced, precision direct seeding techniques, that foster tens of thousands of seeds in a bed -to be grown as micro, baby, teenage or mature plants- to sprout the quickest and the most uniformly with the highest success rate.

THE RESULTS – the look, the taste, and most importantly – the way we feel when we eat the food grown in this compost – speak for themselves.

*We are what our food eats, and our food is only as vital as the soil it grows in*

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