Sustainable Skoolie Adventure

Yom v’Lila, the Sustainable Skoolie, is a mobile, interactive sustainable living classroom with the mission to increase public awareness of environmental issues and sustainable living practices, turning knowledge into tangible actions that promote long lasting change in the daily activities of individuals, institutions, and businesses.

The Sustainable Skoolie is a completely off-grid sustainable home featuring:

Engine run on WVO
Solar Energy System
Sustainable/Salvaged/Recycled Materials
Non-Toxic Furnishings/Building Materials
Living Roof using Grey Water Irrigation System
Composting Toilet
Waste Reduction & Composting Center
EcoFriendly Heating & Cooling
Solar Water Heater
Sheep’s Wool & Recycled Denim Insulation
Rain Water Collection System
Unique Energy & Water Saving Features
Shaded Outdoor Classroom

As a Jewish organization, we believe we will find solutions to our environmental crisis through our spiritual connection to the Earth. Though our background is in Judaism, we believe these values to hold true universally. Here are a few of the values that guide our work:

ואהבת לרעך קמוך V’AHAVTA L’RECHA K’MOCHA Love Your Fellow as Yourself

לעבדה ולשמרה אדמה L’OVDAH UL’SHOMRAH ADAMAH To Work and Protect the Earth

תיקון עולם TIKKUN OLAM Repair the World

בל תשחית BAL TASHCHIT Do Not Waste

צער בעלי היים TZAR BA’ALEI CHAYIM Concern for Living Creatures

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