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Brit Adamah for Tu Bishvat–Family
We commit to this Brit Adamah in honor of Tu B’Shvat, the holiday of the trees. Use this blank Brit Adamah for families, as they commit to saving trees, conserving resources, and protecting the land, in honor of Tu B'Shvat.

Jewish-Environmental Quotes for Shabbat
Use this collection of thought-provoking quotes to spark discussion about the wisdom of Shabbat, our ultimate Jewish environmental holiday!

Brit Adamah for Tu Bishvat–Individual
I commit to this Brit Adamah--Covenant with the Earth--in honor of Tu Bishvat, the holiday of the trees. Use this blank Brit Adamah card for students of all ages, as part of a discussion about Tu Bishvat, and their role in protecting trees, conserving resources and caring for the land.

18 Things You Can Easily Do in a Jewish Home to Heal the Earth
Here are 18 easy things the Teva Learning Center suggests you can do in your daily life to live the value of Bal Taschit--do not waste.

Synagogue Energy Audit Scavenger Hunt
The goal of this activity is to learn practical solutions to energy reduction, to begin analyzing the energy use practices of the synagogue, and to discuss and develop a class-led project to help the synagogue reduce its environmental impact/footprint.

Measuring Our Community’s Impact: Energy Audit
Perform a Synagogue Environmental Audit: · In small groups, please answers the questions outlined in the audit sheet(s) attached. · Your results will be used to help the synagogue measure its current environmental impact (“footprint”) and to identify effective ways your community can make change!

Build A City
The Goals of this activity are: · To learn the need for compromise and teamwork · To learn Jewish values related to urban planning · To learn to apply responsibilities and values in the “real” world

Re-Used Paper Making
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