Young Urban Moshav

Jewish urban survival

We are building simple yet obvious comprehensive systems to improve our lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. That’s why we grow food, serve food, teach mitzvot, and make the connections among professional and community members who can support each other. 


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Senator McCain gets punked by a righteous #indigenous youth! #SaveOakFlat #SaveSacredSites
Adriano Tsinigine Dine Navajo Youth serves papers to Senator McCain August 14, 2015Navajo youth Adriano Tsinigine served papers to Senator John McCain to #SaveOakFlat! August 14, 2015Original photo at In a heroic demonstration of bravery and resistance Navajo student Adriano Tsinigine ...

While Everyone Is Excited About This Progressive Green Pope, He’s About To Canonize The Catholic Genocidist Junipero Serra
When the highest Catholic spiritual leader promotes an historic Franciscan evangelist and colonist, it hits home for Jews too. Many of today’s Native Americans and Jews are in fact survivors of the same Catholic program. Yay! The Pope wants to stop the destruction of the Earth. Awesome! He even referred to the Earth as “her!” Great! ...

Adam Sandler’s New Shanda – Racism Against Native Americans – Is A Reminder For Jewish Justice Activists
by Wendy Kenin @greendoula News broke last week that a dozen Native Americans and a cultural consultant walked off the set of Adam Sandler’s new Netflix film under production because it was misrepresenting Apache culture and spouted derogatory lines about women and indigenous people. I stand with them! It gets personal for us Jews who ...

#Yemima, Rachel Imeinu and the Merit of Righteous Women
"When Moshiach [the Messiah] comes, I will be the first to rise up and be in the Holy Temple."

A Green Opportunity to Share Love with Israel – Steven’s Garden
Memorial community garden founded by Tzeddekes Tamar Bittelman z"l in Tzvat reaches its “chai” birthday and new generations.

Redeeming humanity: The Jewish approach to women
Women are at the center of Jewish life, and need to be central in the Jewish environmental and social change movement. Jewish women — as a collective entity — must draw lessons from the global conversation on economic development, which acknowledges that empowering women is the central key to societal harmony. Then steps need to be ...

This Ecofeminist Doula’s favorite Jewish practice? Mikveh!
There are so many reasons to love the mikveh (Jewish ritual bath). My love for mikveh inspired me to keep kosher, observe the Jewish Sabbath, and cover my hair as a married woman. Here are a few of my personal favorite things about the mikveh: 1. Immersing into the Earth’s waters Mikveh water must meet certain ...