A Visual Haggadah for Tu Bishvat

A Flowchart Haggadah

Here's a special way to celebrate Tu Bishvat. Use this beautiful Tu Bishvat Haggadah–only one page long–to guide a seder that you create!

Bring stories, poems, songs, and teachings to fill the seder from your own experiences. Use the flowchart Tu Bishvat Haggadah from neohasid.org to structure your seder, from beginning to end, by following the order from the Kabbalah of what fruits to eat and what wine to drink. Or take teachings from any Haggadah, or from neohasid.org, and then arrange them using the flowchart. Or use the flowchart haggadah as a guide alongside any other Tu Bishvat haggadah.

The goal of the Tu Bishvat seder in Kabbalah is to use our meditation and eating of fruit to bring blessings to the Cosmic Tree–the tree of Life that sustains all living beings. It's a service to pray for the fruit trees, and to imagine a world restored to its original blessing. This flowchart haggadah will help you experience the Kabbalistic seder on all levels.

These haggadot have been downloaded and used many hundreds of times. Don't copy a 15-page haggadah; you can honor the trees by using less paper and copying just one page.

There are two versions: the haggadah in color teaches more about Kabbalah, while the haggadah in black and white includes discussion questions and a table of all the right brakhot-blessings for fruit, wine or juice, and smells. (There are four blessings for different types of smell in rabbinic Judaism.) Look at both haggadot and find out what fits your needs.

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