Butterfly Meadow

When you drive into Gesher, the driveway takes a sharp left turn just before the parking lot. On the inside of that curve is our meadow. A meadow is a unique habitat that is home to certain specialized animals, such as meadowlarks, bobwhite, box turtles, butterflies, dragonflies, mice, and toads. It is also an endangered habitat, as are many of the animals that depend on it.

A meadow is not an orderly garden. Indeed, some see it as a weed patch! But it is really a very special place composed of sun-loving native grasses and wildflowers. We currently have many natives, including goldenrod, dogbane, purple-topped grass, and asters. These attract many butterflies and other pollinators. These, in turn, attract the insect eaters, like dragonflies and other birds. There are also seed eaters like sparrows. Finally, the carnivores, like fox and hawks, come in. It is a beautiful ecosystem.

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