Communal Tu B’Shvat Tree Jigsaw


To think about a question related to Tu B'shvat

To create a communal peice of art that reflects our community and it's Tu B'shvat experience

To have fun with arts &crafts and puzzle building


All ages.

Can be adapted for fanilies by having them decorate one peice together


Carboard tree cut into jigsaw peices as described below.

Markers, Crayons, etc.

Packing tape


1) Find a very large peice of cardboard. The bigger the group the bigger the cardboard needed. Refrigerator boxes are ideal.

2) One side of the Cardboard should have writing, and one side should be 'clean'

3) Place the 'clean' side down and with a marker, draw the outline of a tree on the side with writing.

4) conttinuing to draw, Divide the tree into peices (1 per participant & staff or family unit) Peices should have waves and corners to connect well, but not be pure squares or traditional jugsaw peices with cut outs.

5) Beggining at the bottom, number the peices so you can easily rememeber how to put the tree back together again.

6) Cut the tree long the lines as outlind above.


1) Give each participant or family unit a puzzle peice.

2) Direct participants to draw their answer to your question on the puzzle peice, making sure to draw on the 'clean' side or their peice won't fit..

Examples of question include: You favourite place in nature; What you like about nature or trees; Why you believe we should be more environmentally friendly; What will you do to help the planet in honour of Tu B'shvat?

Or make up your own that fits your program or community.

3) Collect completed jogsaw puzzles. Place 'clean' now decorate side down. Assemble back into a tree.

4) Using packing tape (not duct tape does not work) tape the back of the tree to hold all the peices together.

5) Pick up and unveil the final product.

Note, some drawings may appear 'upside down'

Materials developed by Noam Dolgin,

All content is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (Ie. Tell other where you got it from and don't sell it)

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