Earth Aid Kits

Participate in the JCPA/COEJL Earth Aid Kit Campaign. JCPA and COEJL have partnered with Earth Aid Enterprises to offer Earth Aid Kits to the Jewish community. Earth Aid Kits provide a collection of premium energy-efficiency products carefully selected to improve quality of life while reducing energy consumption, decreasing electric bills and carbon footprints. These kits can be used as a way to promote education about energy issues, fundraiser or community-service project. The possibilities are endless: Synagogues may choose to sell Earth Aid kits (or gift certificates for a custom-made kit) at Chanukah boutiques or as an ongoing fundraiser for congregants to purchase as wedding presents and housewarming gifts for friends and family. Federations or synagogues can purchase a "dorm kit" as a confirmation present for graduating students. Because these kits simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help save residents money on their electric bills, they also provide an excellent tikkun olam opportunity for your community. For instance, JCRCs, synagogues and other community institutions can organize fundraisers to purchase Earth Aid Kits to install in low-income housing and assisted-living facilities, including those facilities run by the federations. This is especially meaningful because of the faith community's particular concern about the nexus between climate change and poverty.

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