Environmental Case Studies

Congregational Best Practices


Use these successful and replicable congregational programs to engage your community in environmentally responsible behavior. Search for other "green programs" by logging on to Communicate! and searching the keywords "greening", "environment" and "tikkun olam."

First LEED Certified Congregation
Congregation Beth David, San Luis Obispo, CA
…The building includes excellent use of skylights and windows to maximize natural daylight, motion detector light switches to save energy when rooms are unoccupied, landscaping with native plants that require minimal water and the use of non-toxic, recycled finishing materials throughout the building.

Other Examples Include:

Living Green
Temple Emanuel, Kensington, MD

Roxbury Farm Partnership (Community Sustained Agriculture)
Congregation B'nai Yisrael, Armonk, NY

Sustainable Living Torah Gardens
Temple Israel, Tallahassee, FL

Learn more at http://urj.org/green/programs/casestudies/.

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