Fourfold Song Discussion & Art Activity

Materials: 4 Fold Song by Rav Kook; Paper; Pencils/pens, Markers, colored pencils, or pastels


* To explore relationships and responsibility between self, community, humanity and the world.

* To focus participants on personal practices and beliefs.

* To create an ethical framework of integration of all levels of creation.

Audience: Teens or adults

Program Details:

A) Distribute paper, pencils and markers to all participants

Have participants divide paper in 4 sections (do not need to be square quarters) Write one of the following in each section: Self, People Israel, Humanity, All Creation.


1) Draw yourself as you see yourself today

2) Represent (draw or write) what makes you happiest

3) Represent what challenges you

4) Where you feel closest to G!d

5) List Favorite song

People Israel

1) Draw the people Israel as you see them today

2) Represent what connects you to the People Israel

3) Represent your connection to “Isrealites” world wide

4) Represent challenges faced by the people Israel, and challenges overcome

5) List Favorite Jewish song


1) Draw Humanity as you see it today

2) Represent what is special about the Human Race

3) Represent a lesson learned from another culture

4) Represent challenges faced by Humanity, and challenges overcome

5) List Favorite song from another culture

All Creation

1) Draw All Creation as you see it today

2) Represent your relationship with the world around you

3) Represent G!d’s relationship with the world around you

4) Represent challenges faced by All Creation, and challenges overcome

5) What natural sound do most enjoy listening to?

B) In groups of 5 read The Fourfold Song by Rav Kook and Discuss for 20 minutes

On the back side of the paper, draw a full page picture that represents the

complete song, your relationship to self, people Israel, humanity and all

creation. This picture should be based on images from the previous page.

Divide back into groups of 5. Share and explain final picture.

Rav Kook’s Four Fold Song Discussion Questions:

Please take a few moments to read these questions before facilitating a discussion.

If time is short, feel free to skip questions to hit the points you believe are most essential.

1) What does Kook mean by the term ‘song’?

2) Are these the relevant groups in your life? Are their any missing?

3) Do you agree with the order?

4) What level of ‘song’ does Kook believe is the ultimate? Is there an ultimate?

5) What is meant by “singing” all these songs together?

6) Why does it matter which ‘song’ we sing?

7) Which ‘song’ do you sing most in your life? Do you think you should change that?

Materials developed by Noam Dolgin,

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