Hannukah Eco Lights – Light, Learn and Clean Up the World!

Hannukah Eco Lights 5771Let's celebrate Hannukah 5771 by:
1) cleaning up the world!
2) sharing Jewish environmental teachings!
3) …and lighting the Hannuka candles!

Each year, Sviva Israel runs a Hannukah Eco Lights Facebook campaign, inviting Jews around the world to pick up an additional piece of trash each of the eight days of candlelighting.

This small slice of Tikkun Olam, is accompanied by daily Hannukah teachings by contributors from all walks of Jewish life. Eco Lights have been written in Hebrew, English, Amharic, Russian, French, Flemish and even Chinese.

To receive your daily teaching, we invite you to join this year’s Hannukah Eco Lights campaign on Facebook.

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