Hanukah Song: I Have a Little Lightbulb

An example of a modern environmental Hanukah song, try writing your own.

(sung to the tune of "I Have a Little Dreidel")

Source: Unkown

I have a little lightbulb
It's called a compact fluorescent
It's better than the usual bulb
And makes a great Hanukah present

Oh lightbulb, lightbulb, lightbulb
It helps save energy
Oh lightbulb, lightbulb, lightbulb
Come save the world with me!

The thing about this lightbulb
Is that it gives off much less heat
And therefore uses less electricity
Wow, now isn't that neat?
I have a dream for this lightbulb
To go in every home and Hebrew school
Not mention office buildings
And every single shul

This simple little lightbulb
Can go a long, long way
In saving precious energy

Each and every day

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