Hazon Food Guide

2010 Hazon Food Guide

Hazon has been steadily working to compile our best practices around food for Jewish institutions. The Hazon Food Guide will help you navigate food choices in your synagogue or JCC, and offer practical suggestions for bringing our ancient tradition of keeping kosher–literally, eating food that is "fit"– to bear on the range of food choices we're making today.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1:
Fit to eat: kosher, and beyond

Chapter 2:
Kosher Sustainable Meat

Chapter 3:
Producer Guide

Chapter 4:
Eating together: planning for meals, Kiddush and holidays

Chapter 5:
Serving the Food: plates and utensils

Chapter 6:
Outfitting your kitchen

Chapter 7:
Food waste: making less of it, doing more with it

Chapter 8:
Playing with your food: resources for food education

Chapter 9:
Getting at the root of it all: planting an edible garden

Chapter 10:
Food Justice

Chapter 11:
Working with your institution


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