How Am I Like the Animals and Plants? – Worksheet

Ages: 4 – 7

Goals: To learn about our similarities to and relationship with animals and plants

To explore the story of Creation

Duration: 20 – 35 Minutes

Materials: Worksheet (attached)

Pens, pencils and markers


1) Tell the story of humanities Creation from Genesis 1: 26 with a focus on the line

“Let Us make humankind in Our image, after Our likeness.”

2) Discuss what this means (at an age appropriate level) to be made in the image of other animals, plants and God.

3) Direct participants to complete the worksheet

4) When complete, share answers


Many young students will not be able to write effectively, as such some answers can be drawn, and tudents unable to answer the question in writing can focus on the final question.

In addition, some of the questions may be too abstract for a some students, sharing answers aloud helps student understand what question is being asked.

Materials developed by Noam Dolgin,

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