Jewish Superheroes for the Earth


  • To learn the primary role given human – l'ovdah u'lshomera – to serve and protect
  • To explore how the students can help make a difference in their lives

Duration: 20 minutes

Materials: workseets, pencils, markers.

Audience: Grades 1 – 4


1) Introduce the teaching from Genesis 2:15

"And G-d placed Ha'Adam in the Garen of Eden L'ovdah u'lshomerah, to serve and protect it" (work/guard, till/tend)

2) Discuss – What does this mean to serve and protect the planet.

3) Question – Where else have the students heard the motto "To serve and protect" Ans – police.

4) Explain to students that they are going to be like police for the planet only better, Superheroes.

Distribute worksheet, pencils and markers and instruct students to choose their own superhero for the Earth, create a creed, etc.

(You may need to explain what a creed it. Definition "A brief statement of belief"

5) When the students are finished, have them share their Superhero name and creed.

6) (Optional) Post the final worksheet to remind the students of their superhero alter egos

Materials developed by Noam Dolgin,

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