Kayam Curriculum – Kilayim Arugot Boxes

This is a sample lesson from Chai Ve'Kayam – a Curriculum Manual for Jewish Agricultural Education. Unit 1: Zera'im – Bringing Our Jewish Agricultural Heritage to Life.

Unit 2, focused around Jewish Educational Gardens, is in development and we're hoping will be ready for printing in mid- to late-December 2010. It will include a revised edition of Unit 1, along with a slew of newly developed curriculum. Keep on the lookout for a sample lesson from Unit 2 to be posted on Jewcology in the near future!

If you are interested in purchasing Unit 1, we have just a few copies left! Or, if you are interested in the new edition when it is printed, we can also put you on our email list.

Either way, please be in touch with Yoshi Silverstein, Kayam Education Director – Yoshi@pearlstonecenter.org or 410.429.4400 x235

thanks for your interest, we hope you enjoy the look at our curriculum!

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