Light One Candle Tag

Goal: To think of ways we can each make a personal difference in our lives. To have fun and shake the ‘willies’ out.

Duration: 10 minutes

Materials: Dry erase board; Many dry erase markers

Audience: Grades 3 – 5


1) This is a classic side to side tag game, where students run back and forth across the room without being tagged by the “its.” Students who are tagged become immobile “its” as well (i.e. they can tag, but cannot run). The game ends when everyone has been tagged.

2) Twist – Students running from side to side are modern Maccabees, striving to better the world. “Its” are impediments to making change (examples, apathy, lack of time; politicians, money) ask students to choose their own.

3) Goal – Each time a Maccabee crosses the room they must write on a board (dry erase preferred, chalk or paper) something they can do to help the world (see Part 2 above.)

4) Players are safe when touching a wall or within two feet of the dry erase board (in other words, they get time to think as they write.)

5) When all students have been tagged, repeat game. Play twice or until the entire dry erase board is filled with ideas on how to make changes.

Materials developed by Noam Dolgin,

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