Saving the World With Bath Tissue

If every household in the United States replaced just one pack of bath tissue made from virgin fiber with tissue made from recycled fiber (4 rolls per pack and an average of 430 sheets per pack) the savings on emissions of CO2, (the key gas responsible for creating global warming) would equal the following:

  • not burning 22,747,359 gallons of gas in the average car (4)
  • planting 9,098,943 trees (5)
  • the energy saved by installing 1,516,490 low flow shower heads. (3)
  • the energy saved by 909,894families doing their laundry, twice a week for a year in warm or cold water rather than hot water (3)
  • caulking & weather stripping around the windows & doors in454,947 average sized homes.
  • the energy saved by 454,947families turning their thermostat down an average of 4 degrees for a year. (3)
  • replacing all the standard 75 watt incandescent bulbs in 227,473 homes with highly energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (1)
  • the energy saved by installing 151,649 of the most energy-efficient appliances in place of models that consume an average amount of energy. (3)
  • keeping 103,397 new cars off the road(2)

Close the loop on recycling, if you're not buying recycled, your recycling! Bath Tissue made from recycled fiber, changing the world one roll at a time!!

Note: CO2 is reduced because of the dramatic reduction in energy consumption when paper is made from recycled fiber instead of virgin fiber.

All formulas used to calculate the reduction in CO2 from recycled fiber as compared to virgin fiber are based on research by the National Resource Defense Council, 1998

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