Shabbat Noach

Download a compendium of wonderful resources for Shabbat Noach from members of the Green Hevra, based on the Rainbow Day curriculum! Click on Shabbat_Noach_Resources.pdf below. Here’s what’s included:

Teach the Rainbow blessing

The Rainbow covenant in Genesis

Teach/learn a song to a verse from Hoshea about the future covenant with all life

A prayer for the Earth (Birkat Bereishit)

Study classical midrashim about Noah

Midrashim: interpretations of the rainbow sign: from Rabbis Arthur Waskow, Shlomo Riskin, Shimshon Rafael Hirsch, and Rav Avraham Yitzhak Kook

Learn about biodiversity

Pick a rainbow!

Study endangered species

Science, Art, and Culture

Council of All Beings


Climate change

Seed saving and Naamah, Noah’s wife

Read the children’s book The Story of Naamah

“L’Dor V’Dor” seed saving workshop

The Seven Noachide Laws and the seven colors of the rainbow

More study ideas:

Download any of the following for deeper study:’s one-page text study sheet from on midrash about Noah.

Canfei Nesharim’s study guide on “Countering Destruction: Lessons from Noach”.

Green Zionist Alliance’s guide on “Shabbat Noah: Global Climate-Healing Shabbat”.

Rabbi Everett Gendler’s brief essay on “The Sevenfold Rainbow Covenant” for study.

Or go to and get the ganze megillah (36 projects), which includes all of the Shabbat Noach resources along with lots of other stuff.

Rabbi David Seidenberg

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