Simplicity as a Jewish Path

PR blurb for this class: If you think you are too busy for this session then it’s probably exactly what you need! Simplifying one’s life is a process, done most effectively with the support of others who are doing the same. Together we will explore the issues and principles of Voluntary Simplicity and share experiences, ideas, frustrations, and successes on the road to a simpler life, with an emphasis on the spiritual disciplines and rewards inherent in the simplifying process, using Jewish vocabulary.

Anava – Humility
Hodayah Gratitude
Ba'al Tashkit & Haganat Hatevah – Avoiding Waste and Preserving Nature
Bitul Z'man – Wasting Time
Tzedek/Tikkun Olam– Social Justice and Improving the World
Kehilla Community
Menuchah Rest

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